Sparta is the capital of the Prefecture of Laconia

Sparta is the capital of the Prefecture of Laconia and one of the cities with the longest history in Greece. There you will find the Archaeological Museum that houses the rich history of the place, the statue of Leonidas, the ancient theater and Mystras.

It is a town in the Peloponnese and the capital of the Prefecture of Laconia, in Greece. It has a population of 16,239 inhabitants.

Today’s Sparta is built on the eastern foothills of Taygetos, south of the center of the ancient city of the same name, near the right bank of the river Evrotas and at an altitude of 210 m.

The city was re-established after the liberation of the country in 1834, after a decision of King Otto and in an official ceremony on January 1, 1857, the authorities were established from Mystras to the new city, which was the first in Greece to be drawn with an urban plan. It has squares and tree-lined streets, large squares, neoclassical buildings and rich water supply.

Its glorious past and the close distance from the legendary Mystras attract the attention of many visitors – tourists with cruise ship approaches to Gythio. Remains from the temples of Orthia Artemis, Athena of Chalkio, Apollo of Carneio, as well as a theater of the Roman era are preserved from ancient Sparta.


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